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Defender Firearms & Training

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Defender Firearms & Training

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1070-G South Lake Drive
Lexington 29073

Primary Contact Number: (803) 661-4867



10:30 pm-5:00 pm



10:30 am-5:00 pm



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10:30 am-5:00 pm

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Defender CWP LLC was created to have a vehicle through which Elias Lykes could provide a business that would not only meet some particular needs in the shooting community but also introduce novice shooters to the world of shooting and self-defense.

CWP instructor in Columbia

We strive to educate and train individuals in concealed weapons procedurespersonal protection, home defensebusiness defenseand how to protect yourself in an active shooter situation.

As a result, we are among today’s highest-rated full-service firearms training centers in Google in Columbia, Lexington Area.

Defender offers a wide selection of training, from Concealed Weapons, Marksmanship, Firearms Familiarization, Gun Cleaning, and Active Shooter Training  We have already served thousands of students, and we were able to help them gain knowledge and skills on firearms and self-protection.

Eli is a retired U.S. Army Warrant Officer with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He brings over 20 years of firearm training experience to the classroom and the range. He especially enjoys teaching women (and men) “first-time” shooters with limited or no experience with handguns and guiding them through learning basic pistol shooting and obtaining a CWP. 

All our instructors are NRA (National Rifle Association) certified pistol instructors and SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) certified CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit) instructors.

Defender Firearms & Training is located at 1070 South Lake Drive Suite G, Lexington, South Carolina 29073. Our office and classroom have been designed to offer our customers and students a “one-stop-shop” regarding firearms, training, and accessories.

We genuinely care about our community and want to train and equip every law-abiding citizen. Defender Firearms & Training is driven and takes great pride when we empower you and your family in personal protection. We aim to achieve a more peaceful and safer community for all of us. We encourage everyone to train and concealed carry to protect not just ourselves, but also our family and friends.

Welcome to Defender Firearms & Training, and we invite you to join the #DefenderCommunity.

Enroll in the best CWP class in Columbia, South Carolina.

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