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The Main Street Flavor: Alodia’s Cucina Italiana

January 26, 2021 | Posted By: [email protected]

There’s no doubt Lexington’s restaurant scene has exploded exponentially in the past decade, something that visitors and residents alike enjoy seven days
a week, from breakfast until last call. The setting for the wide variety of offerings that are influenced from across the globe is centered in the
historic Main Street area in the Town of Lexington. 

Alodia’s Cucina Italiana has added an outdoor vibe with a cozy area where diners can sit
and relax with drinks while waiting for their table. The inviting feel and promise of friendly companionship beckons in those passing by — whether
by car or on foot.

A prominent feature of Alodia’s interior is their spaghetti wall, where diners can see noodles being made by hand in the glass walled kitchen — that
is, if the view isn’t obscured by strands of pasta already hanging to dry before being served. “This adds to the guest experience, so while they are
eating, they have a behind the scenes view of the production process so they can know what they are enjoying is made fresh,” said Alodia’s chief operations
officer Ryan Clark.

“Lexington’s Main Street area brings the feel of being in a metropolitan area and combines it with a hometown feel,” he said. Together, these three restaurants,
plus all of the others, bring a fresh personality to Main Street, and are just part of what makes the area a true destination for unique dining options,
not to mention a whole evening of fun in the heart of Lexington.

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