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Where The Beer Flows: Old Mill Brew Pub

December 17, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]

Where The Beer Flows: Old Mill Brew Pub

Situated on prime real estate on the edge of Lexington’s historic Main Street, the The Old Mill Brew Pubhas staked its own historic claim as one of the first to brew beer for sale in modern Lexington County.

The Old Mill Brew Pub takes its name from its location within the Lexington Old Mill, which was constructed in 1891 as a cotton mill and discontinued mill
operations in the 1960s. The pond and creek that flowed beside the building powered looms and spindles in the early 20th century, but now it powers
a sense of calm and peace for people as they sit and enjoy craft beer and thoughtfully prepared meals on the waterfront.

The brew pub part of its name designates an important distinction in the beer world. Brew pubs legally are not allowed to distribute their beer the same
way as a brewery, so the only place to get Old Mill Brew Pub’s craft beer creations is within the walls of the establishment. And that’s just fine
with owner John Clinger, who appreciates the small batch brewing system that his brewers use.

Matt Rodgers has been a long time head brewer at the Old Mill Brew Pub, infusing his deep knowledge and appreciation for the craft of brewing into each
batch he produces, along with co-brewer Linus Oliver. Due to the smaller brewing system, the brew pub usually only has six to seven of their own creations
on tap at any given time, and once those batches are gone, they may never appear again. This is just one of the things that keeps Lexington residents
coming back frequently — to make sure they don’t miss any of the brew pub’s highly sought after suds.

What’s on tap varies with the seasons, the brewer’s creative flow, and of course, customer demands. “IPAs predominate here in Lexington, and our pineapple
kolsch is very popular in the summer,” Clinger added.

“Our one goal is to be known as a restaurant that brews beer and not a brewery that makes food,” said Clinger. That’s not to say that their food is to
be missed, though. The menu has a familiar lineup that includes favorites like chips and dips, 17 very distinct sandwiches, and wings — but also
includes elevated offerings like beer-battered tilapia and shrimp for a unique brewpub twist. Daily specials, served Thursday through Sunday, showcase
the chef’s creativity and whims, and oftentimes, the brew pub’s own beers are infused into the meal in unusual yet delightful ways.

Though the Old Mill Brew Pub has had its share of setbacks – being nearly washed away in 2015, having its signature tranquil pond view gone for five
years and pandemic-related problems – the brew pub continues to endure. “We are blessed with a good staff and the people who have stuck with us
during everything we have gone through,” said Clinger.

To celebrate the return of the dam and pond, plus other scenic upgrades that will be visible from the brew pub, they are taking the down time they
may find themselves having to make upgrades. A new outdoor deck, plus the promise of continuously changing but consistently highquality and creative
craft beers await Lexington residents and visitors alike as the Old Mill Brew Pub evolves and grows with the community it is nestled within.