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Army Veterans Open Second Balloon Squad Location In Columbiana Mall

December 9, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]

Army Veterans Open Second Balloon Squad Location In Columbiana Mall

Since starting this adventure four years ago, one thing The Balloon Squad co-owner and COO Sheila Fluker learned
is that you never know what people are going through on the inside, and sometimes all it takes is a smile to change their day.

Today, Sheila along with her husband and eight employees, are ready to spread more joy at their new location inside Columbiana Mall.

Impeccable product knowledge and amazing customer service are not all you get with The Balloon Squad. This business is setting a standard above the competition
by providing a solution to keep our environment safe and clean. The latex balloons, bags and balloon weights are all biodegradable. Arrangements are
also weighed and bagged as standard procedure without additional charge. And to help you save time in your day, delivery options are available.

Sheila said the colors, smiles and the ability to help others have a great day makes this work extremely gratifying. The couple running the show are both
combat army veterans. “This business truly saved my life, not only giving me an outlet, but the opportunity to share a smile one balloon at a time,”
said Sheila, who has suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression due to her Iraq tours. “Owning and running a business is extremely hard physically,
mentally and financially. But when you have people that say how happy their balloon arrangement made them or their loved ones, it makes it all worth

We had a birthday at The Balloon Squad’s ribbon cutting yesterday (they just opened their second location in the…

Posted by Lexington Chamber and Visitors Center on Wednesday, December 2, 2020


The Balloon Squad is excited to meet and serve a new community that really shows support to small businesses like theirs. A portion of their proceeds is
given to local schools and non-profit organizations. They are looking to expand to Charlotte, NC and franchise within the next five years.

Stop by their new location at 100 Columbiana Circle, Unit 1134 or visit theballoonsquad.com.

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