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Breakfast Recap: Keller Kissam’s 2020 Challenge

September 7, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]


The Chamber’s first in-person breakfast since March showed attendees what love should look like in these times of social distancing and wearing masks thanks
to Keller Kissam, President of Electric Operations at Dominion Energy.

What does social distancing have to do with love you might ask? Is it just a challenge for 2020 or is it something we have always done? You may have heard
the story of the good Samaritan. Not only was the cornerstone of faith rejected, but there were people with real needs rejected as well. The man in
this story had been beaten, robbed and left for dead on the street. A priest and a Levite both walked past him. The priest, with his hereditary position,
was blessed with resources and formal training but could not be troubled, along with the Levite who had the distinct honor and privilege to serve with
mercy and protection. When a Samaritan, who were a people known to despise the Jews, came upon the man he served his neighbor without reservation and
with extreme care, compassion and empathy. With the need for social distancing during this time, it is imperative that we be intentional in caring
for one another.

While wearing a physical mask does protect us, Keller pointed out that it is not the only one we wear. There are masks of disobedience, denial and betrayal.
And when we do not live up to our potential and blessings through our thoughts, words and deeds, we are wearing masks. This is not a new concept for

Keller explained how important it is to find your faith. Two sports that have come back since this pandemic started are professional bull riding and Nascar.
In these sports you will see them “start with a prayer and go from there,” as Keller says. There is also a new rule in Nascar where the leading driver
can choose the high lane or low lane after the yellow caution flag is waved. In the low lane you will find gravel, oil and fluid that could cause a
spin out or wreck. In the high lane you will find clean air that will enter your car’s radiator, carry you and build momentum that will slingshot you
out of the curves past all the other drivers. The Lord is using this time to wave that yellow caution flag to each one of us to reevaluate our lives,
our team members and how we are running this race of life.

Keller closed by asking, “How are you going to restart? Which path will you take?” Now is the time to make good successful habits. The best way to create
those habits is through having an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Are you sitting at the cone with the flag of 2020 waving up and down? It is time to make a choice for your family, work, marriage, community, and with
your employees. You can run around in the gravel or make a conscious effort to hit the high road and run in that clean air that will give you the momentum
that will take you through your life and into eternity.