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Lexington One Needs Local Businesses For Work-Based Learning Program

July 27, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]

Lexington One Needs Local Businesses For Work-Based Learning Program

Lexington School District One has a long history of working with its regional business partners. The business support for Lexington School District One’s
work-based learning program, offering more than 3,000 opportunities each year to its students, is the envy of many regions. The L1 Career Specialists
have dual customers – the students and the district’s business partners – with whom they work to create mutually beneficial experiences.

Internships, job shadowing and other work-based learning opportunities are important kinesthetic learning modalities for L1 students. These work-based
learning opportunities play an important role in the career decision-making process, preparing students for the world of work, reinforcing essential
employability skills and helping the local businesses to prime their talent pipeline. Famous career development theorist Dr. John Krumboltz said, “Asking
a student to choose a career without first trying it out, is like asking them to choose their spouse without dating.”

Within safe COVID parameters, L1 will continue to build capacity for its students and businesses.

The district welcomes collaborations with shareholders to establish placements within your business for the 2020-21 school year. For a list of career specialists
and to read more about how we can collaborate visit us at http://wblex1.mystrikingly.com/.

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