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New Bakery Opens In Lexington

October 21, 2020 | Posted By: splashme@splashomnimedia.com

New Bakery Opens In Lexington

The Blended Bakery, in business for five years, is new to the town of Lexington. The bakery is famous
for their house-made cinnamon rolls, breads, and desserts. Their ingredients are fresh farm to table and everything is made from scratch.

DJ Stone, president, is hoping to be able to expand to a large gourmet restaurant and event center with shared use kitchen space. An interesting thing
that this staff has done well is in helping people learn how good food should taste without using salt. One thing DJ has learned is hard work does
pay off but during times of panic, people tend to push their fears on you. Working in the hospitality industry, it is their job to make people feel
welcome and comfortable regardless of what they may think.

The Blended Bakery also offers private and public wine tastings that include a four-course meal and four different wines. The bakery staff is excited to
meet the different people and support the other businesses in Lexington. Join the fun at a wine tasting event or delicious baked goods at 5076 Sunset
Blvd, Suite A in Lexington.