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Resource Realty Group Offers Special For Lexington Chamber Shareholders

October 7, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]

Resource Realty Group Offers Special For Lexington Chamber Shareholders

Resource Realty Group’s (RRG) co-owners Dustin and Tara Johns love working and raising
their family in the town where they were both raised and where their parents and siblings still reside. Watch the video below for RRG’s Chamber20 Program


RRG has been in business for twelve years and currently has more than 20 agents and staff employed. To stay on top of the latest trends they have hired an in-house real estate coach and trainer to offer support to their agents.

Dustin and Tara are saving Lexington residents thousands of dollars when they sell their homes. They have saved sellers close to $2 million in commission
by embracing and implementing the latest technology. One program they established is the flat fee listing of $2,800, regardless of price. They continue
to deliver their message that Lexington homeowners no longer have to pay a high commission; a commission that was established in the 1950’s.

Another amazing program, RRG Heroes, is their way of saying thank you to the police, fire fighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors, social services and teachers
in the community.

Tara said they are blessed with the opportunity to help guide people through all stages of life. Typically, when people sell or buy a home they are passing
through a stage in life new job, marriage, children, retiring, divorce or a death in the family. Their clients have allowed them to participate and
become a trusted advisor throughout their life moments.

Chamber shareholders can now take advantage of the RRG Chamber20 Program with 20 percent commission given to the buyer at closing and if you are selling
your home, RRG’s full service listing fee is $2,800.

Call Resource Realty Group at (803) 758-4444 or visit http://keepyourequity.com/ to see how they
can help you.

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