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The Newest Apparel, Promotional Product Company In Lexington County

September 2, 2020 | Posted By: [email protected]

The Newest Apparel, Promotional Product Company In Lexington County

Jennifer Stanford, president of Blazon Apparel + Print, remembers that scary and exciting first day of opening
the company and the feeling of such responsibility to her team and customers. Today, she is especially grateful for the ability to work with so many
great people and organizations and is extremely proud to be a part of Lexington county.

Blazon Apparel + Print was founded in 1999 and acquired by Jennifer in December 2019 when they rebranded to better reflect the business and its vision.

Its core business is custom apparel and headwear that they screen, digitally print and embroider in house at the manufacturing and showroom location
in Gaston. They have also recently expanded into the promotional products with a variety of options.

Having the opportunity to produce apparel work in house gives them complete ownership in quality and experience with the client not found in most competing
companies. As a family owned business, they are extremely committed to their customers; willing and able to be flexible by supporting and adapting
to unique requirements or requests.

The future focus of Blazon is on their core services, products, and customers in apparel. They hope to further expand their customer base and capabilities
to best support not only their hometown in Lexington County, but also shipping nationwide. Currently with 10 employees, Blazon is committed to
expansion and investing in people and capabilities accordingly.

Through leading an organization, Jennifer has learned to be nimble, willing to try new things and very patient (still a work in progress) with her
husband, Chris, who also helps out.

Jennifer and Chris are very competitive; so much so that he attended graduate school at the Citadel after she went back for her nurse practitioner
degree during one of their moves in Virginia. Jennifer’s love of nursing keeps her working per diem at Lexington Medical Center in labor and delivery.
She is also currently a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and actively trains, along with her family, at the Spartan Academy here in Columbia.

“My husband and I moved back to Lexington county last summer after a series of corporate moves,” said Jennifer. “We fell in love with the area
during one of our moves where we lived here between 2002 and 2007. We love the people, the weather and the community and, as an added bonus, are
centered between so many other great cities! “

Visit www.weareblazon.com/ or call (803) 796-9100 to see how Blazon Apparel + Print can help you with all
your apparel and promotional needs.